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It's Not Our Job To Shut You Up And Silence You

As the giants of the social media industry have resolved to stifle critical thinking and free exchange of ideas over the past few years, there has been a trend towards niche social media networks. Simply put, people are fed up with the authoritarian style in which the large social media companies are operated and the inconsistency in which users are treated.


The Social Media Purges Are Ramping Up!!

If you join an alternative network and they require you to provide a phone number or any other personal identifying information. I would suggest that you leave that network. They’re harvesting your data. It’s that simple. The bottom line is that it is being used for targeting, and whether that targeting is for marketing or something more insidious, at the end of the day, it never works out as well for you as it does for the data collectors and their customers.


The Vault

Because you just never know.

Freely is more than just unbiased social media. Our overall mission is to provide a secure platform for disaffected people to communicate anonymously and to preserve endangered content in a decentralized cyber space free from tyrants that would destroy it. 


When honest forthright people are attacked and censored, we will be here to defend them and keep their message alive. Dr. Mercola as been treated unfairly by MSM and the Federal Government.

"I have followed Dr. Joseph Mercola for more than two decades. He has helped me and many of my family and friends to take control of our health and minimize our trips to clinics and hospitals."
Swede Freely

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