2 French Cafes Sit Empty as Citizens Protest Vaccine Passes


Shortly before France’s President Emmanuel Macron extended a vaccine pass implementation, approximately 250,000 French citizens made their objections known by protesting in the streets.

Now, since the new rule was passed, they’re choosing to boycott restaurants where the passes are mandated. News reports show videos of empty tables and restaurants across a normally bustling city. According to reports, one video shows few diners on the Champs Élysées, Paris’ main thoroughfare, while another shows the famous Grande Brasserie, near the Bastille square, with few customers inside and no one on its patio.

The pass is mandatory for entrance to museums, movie theaters, swimming pools and other venues. Health care workers have also been ordered to receive the vaccination, some of whom have went on strike in protest, according to Aletho News.

Due to Delta variant causing rising COVID cases, French authorities have stressed the importance of being vaccinated. Meanwhile, Pfizer and Moderna have drastically increased the price of their vaccines, Altheo News said.

SOURCE: Aletho News August 9, 2021

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