81 Research Studies Show Natural COVID Immunity Is Superior to Vaccine


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A stunning report on natural immunity against COVID versus immunity imparted by one of the shots not only shows that natural immunity is long-lasting, but that those who have recovered from a COVID infection are unlikely to benefit from the shot.

In a review of published works, the Brownstone Institute for Social and Economic Research found 81 research studies showing that natural infection beats vaccination when it comes to sustained protection.

The findings are particularly intriguing, since researchers now know that the vaccinated are showing signs of waning immunity, and are experiencing increasing numbers of breakthrough infections, not to mention that the vaccinated can still transmit the disease to others.

What this means, according to Brownstone, is that public health officials are “misleading the public” in their push for vaccination as the only answer to ending COVID.

“These studies also revealed that the personal protective equipment (PPE) and masks were essentially ineffective in the healthcare setting,” Paul Elias Alexander, Ph.D., said. Alexander is a former assistant professor in evidence-based medicine and research methods who also worked as senior adviser to the COVID Pandemic policy in the U.S. Health and Human Services.


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