Freely Social


As the giants of the social media industry have resolved to stifle critical thinking and free exchange of ideas over the past few years, there has been a trend towards niche social media networks. Simply put, people are fed up with the authoritarian style in which the large social media companies are operated and the inconsistency in which users are treated. Freely Social is committed to allowing users to police themselves using the tools provided in the software, such as user unfollowing, user blocking, privacy settings, etc.

We will not tolerate any behavior that breaks the laws of the United States, nor will we allow pornography in any form. We are a platform, not a publisher. With that said, we are all adults, publish what you will, as long as you are aware that you may have to bear social consequences, good or bad. If you publish content that violates copyright and we are notified about it, we will remove it.

We are also committed to improving our product over time. We’re constantly adding and improving features, layout. If you have a suggestion, do not hesitate to message us on the Freely Social Company Page.

Have fun! Enjoy your freedom! We are the Freely Social Community!