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All About the Money: Moderna Racing for Profits


Republished with permission from MERCOLA.COM

In 2005 vaccinologist Paul Offit wrote that pharmaceutical companies are not obligated to make vaccines. They are businesses, not public health agencies, and for that reason many vaccine companies had decided to back off the vaccine business.

The problem was that the cost of creating a vaccine was beginning to outweigh the benefits to vaccine companies’ bottom lines — and if something didn’t change the world would see fewer and fewer vaccines, Offit predicted.

Fast-forward 16 years and now COVID mRNA maker Moderna is rolling in the dough to the tune of billions, so much so that even the liberal New York Times is taking the vaccine company to task. Choosing profits over philanthropy, Moderna is choosing to send its COVID jab to wealthy nations, while keeping poorer countries waiting, the NYT says.

According to the Times, “There is limited public information about the deals that Moderna has struck with individual governments. Of the 22 countries, plus the European Union, to which Moderna and its distributors have reported selling the shots, none are low income, and only the Philippines is classified as lower middle income.”

While Pfizer has agreed to sell its shots to several lower income countries at huge discounts, The Associated Press says neither Pfizer nor Moderna have anything to worry about this year or next in the way of profits. Pfizer alone expects its revenue this year to exceed $33.5 billion, more than five times its previous best-selling drug, Prevnar.

Booster shots alone for Moderna should contribute $14 billion to Moderna’s coffers; Pfizer’s is expected to bring in around $26 billion.


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