Born From The Yoke Of Tyranny


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It is absolutely true that the heartland of America stands against these extremists, both the socialist extremist, and the supremacist extremist, and all of the rest of the extreme ideologies that would have the citizens of this nation beneath the boot of their particular brand of tyranny.

This nation was born from the yoke of tyranny, those men and women who dreamed of individual sovereignty, who wrote that dream in a declaration of independence from the tyranny of Kings, those men who established the sovereign right of the individual over the state.

That same heart beats in the chest of every patriotic American citizen.

That is why “they” seek to define patriotism as hatred, human sovereignty as selfishness, and Liberty as theft.

That is also why “they”, through violence and threats of violence, seek to silence the voice of freedom. That is why they shout into their empty bucket. To drown the voice of sovereign Liberty in the echo of their own words.

Claiming that they desire unity, while with every action and word they drive the spike of division ever more deeply into the roots of our Liberty. Patriotism is not hatred, it is the love of that Liberty. Liberty is not theft, it is the greatest gift our founders gave to us.

And The sovereign rights of the individual is the greatest truth mankind obtains by the hand of our creator.

Those men and women established it for us, having torn it from the hand of Kings.

The vast majority of honest citizenry proclaim Liberty as our birthright, and are not afraid to stand and defend it with our words, with the truth, with our lives.



Swede Freely

Swede is a Christian, Patriot entrepreneur, and co-founder of the Freely Social Project. Swede says, "Money is important, but, God, Family, Freedom and Liberty is more important. I invest my money and time with that purpose in mind."

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