Chicago Mayor’s Justification For Spending Over $30k In Campaigns Funds On Haircuts Is Basically Vote Buying


Chicago’s Mayor Brandon Johnson spent $30,000 in campaign donations on hair and makeup services, justifying the expense by saying it supported “black and brown” businesses. Johnson argued that investing in small, minority-owned businesses is important, but critics suggest this was a way to buy political support. The expenditure has sparked controversy, with some pointing out a double standard, arguing that if a similar approach were taken to support white businesses, it would face significant backlash. Johnson encouraged others to patronize black-owned hair and makeup businesses, framing it as a way to support the community. Critics, however, see this as a form of vote-buying.

I think it’s always appropriate to make sure we’re investing in small businesses. Especially minority-owned, black-owned, women-owned businesses.

I encourage all of you in this room … go get your hair and makeup done by black people in particular.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson

The black community in Chicago are fed up with the lies, deception, and pandering.

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Swede Freely

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