COVID Injections Aren’t Being Injected Properly


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In this stunning evaluation of how he’s observed COVID injections being given improperly, John Campbell, Ph.D., senior lecturer in nursing studies at the University of Cumbria, England, explains how vaccinators are neglecting to draw back the needle and check for blood before injecting the vaccine.

Campbell, who is both a clinical nurse and nurse educator, points out that the COVID injections are to be given into the muscle, which means the provider should check to make sure the needle hasn’t hit a vein or artery before actually injecting the vaccine.

This involves simply retracting the needle; if blood enters the syringe, then you don’t inject it, he says, because you would be giving it intravenously — and that’s not something you want to do because evidence shows that inadvertent intravascular administration can cause acute myopericarditis.

Looking back at the number of reported cases of myocarditis, Campbell conjectures that they may have been the result of a vaccine that was erroneously injected into a vein, rather than the muscle. Not only that, the spike antigen of the mRNA vaccines also goes to the liver. While liver problems haven’t yet been noticed as a problem after the vaccine, they could be possible, he says: “It was noticed in the mice [in clinical studies] so it could happen in humans as well.”

So, to circumvent possible intravenous injection and possible adverse events because of it, all vaccinators should simply be pulling back the needle to check for blood (which means they’ve hit a vein) before injecting the vaccine.

“Both Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna have clearly stated that their vaccine should only be given by the intramuscular route … so why on earth are we not ensuring that the manufacturer’s recommendations are being obeyed?”

SOURCE: YouTube September 26, 2021

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