From Her Wheelchair, Paralyzed Woman Talks About her COVID Shot Reaction


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Casey Hodgkinson couldn’t wait to get her COVID-19 jabs, so she had no qualms about getting them as soon as she could. After all, everywhere she looked, people were saying how safe and effective the shots are, including a minister.

When health officials asked her to sign a paper that it wasn’t their responsibility if any bad reactions happened to her, she didn’t think much about it — she was just so excited to get the shot.

After she got it, though, her tongue started numbing and her arms, legs and feet went numb, too. The next day, the body spasms started, and they won’t stop. The once-healthy Hodgkinson is now in a wheelchair. One doctor admitted her problems stem from the jab, but others have simply dismissed her problems, and have even told her they were psychological.

SOURCE: YouTube December 7, 2021


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