Here’s How to Get an Ivermectin Prescription


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As health care providers and pharmacies resist prescribing and filling prescriptions for ivermectin, the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) is offering a lifeline to those who are seeking the drug.

An online list of providers in the U.S. and internationally who will prescribe and/or dispense ivermectin is available on the FLCCC website here along with guidelines on overcoming barriers to access of ivermectin prescriptions.

The FLCCC is composed of a team of health care professionals and providers who began developing protocols for treating COVID-infected patients at the start of the pandemic. The founding physicians are respected, credentialed professionals in their own fields, from pulmonary and critical care to endocrinology and nephrology.

Their website details the ivermectin and COVID-19 treatment protocols and other strategies on how to prevent and/or treat COVID-19.

SOURCE: FLCCC Alliance October 12, 2021

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