Is a Daily Pill the Goal for Ending COVID?


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Investigators are studying an antiviral similar to Tamiflu that would be given to anyone diagnosed with COVID. If it works like it’s supposed to, the oral antiviral would both shorten the infection period, and protect against an infected person transmitting it to someone else.

At least three COVID antivirals are currently in clinical trials, and U.S. President Joe Biden has already agreed to purchase 1.7 million treatment courses of Merck’s proposed antiviral, molnupiravir, at a cost of $1.2 billion once it’s approved or granted an emergency use authorization (EUA).

Currently monoclonal products are being used to treat and prevent serious illness from COVID at the cost of $2,000 a dose. Pricing for the proposed antivirals has not yet been done.

Pfizer, Merck, Atea Pharmaceuticals and Roche AG have indicated they could seek an EUA sometime in 2021.


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