My Body My Choice? …or Something More Insidious


A COMMON PHRASE USED TO JUSTIFY ABORTIONS TODAY IS ‘Men shouldn’t be making laws about women’s bodies.’

I retort: Men AND Women aren’t ‘making laws about women’s bodies’. THEY ARE MAKING LAWS TO PRESERVE THE PERSON LIVING INSIDE THE WOMAN’S BODY. A woman who has been blessed with the privilege AND RESPONSIBILITY of ushering that PERSON inside their womb into this world.

The TIME for a decision was BEFORE conception. Afterwards, they can choose to have the child adopted, but it is heinous to murder one who cannot defend themselves.

Imagine yourself TRAPPED in a watery birth box.

You can’t speak, but you can touch, you can feel…in fact you feel EVERY heartbeat of the Body housing the cage you are in while you grow into your life.

Then, one day, this sharp, hard object violates your bubble, grabs your leg, and RIPS IT from your growing body.

Then, it comes back again and gets the other one, and your arms… but YOU can only scream into a mouth and lungs full of watery fluid. Your voice will only be heard by your Creator, and He Will Avenge.

But the World has LOST you Forever.


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  1. James Kelly King

    Thank you for composing and formatting this for formal presentation!

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