Random Acts of Kindness, Nevada County CA


A combine operator plants more than sweat into THIS harvest.

This story is not authored by us, but definitely needs to be shared. Credit: Jeff Ditzenberger

Today is a day I’ll not soon forget.. 

As I was combining today, I was unloading into the auger cart and I saw a vehicle go by a couple times slowly and then pull over and stop. I had a minor repair to make and the vehicle stayed… I was a little concerned until I happened to catch 3 little sets of eyes looking out windows. 

I went over and they rolled down the window and I asked if they needed anything and the lady explained their grandchildren were visiting from Florida and had never seen “farmer stuff” up close. There were 2 boys and a little girl.. I’d assume they were between the ages of 6 and 9. The two boys were all giddy but the little girl, while sweet and excited was pretty quiet. 

I also happen to notice that she kept turning away from me and there was a scar or a birthmark or something on her face… And I felt really bad trying to figure out what it was because I was feeling like I’m staring at her.. 

The grandmother and her husband thanked me for stopping and saying hi and said they would get going because they knew farmers were busy this time of the year… And I said be careful and have a good trip. It was then that one of the boys said, ‘Are you going to be going soon cuz we would like to see what that machine does…’  The grandmother quickly quieted them and I said would it be okay if I took them for a ride. 

She then said, ‘No, we’re sure your way too busy for that.’  I said, ‘No I’m by myself for now and I’ve got a little time.’  She asked the two boys if they wanted to go and of course they did… but the little girl stayed back. 

I asked her again if she wanted to go and she said, ‘No thank you.’ and so the boys and I went overn and got in the combine and we made one round and came back… While in the combine I asked the boys, ‘Why didn’t your sister want to come?’  They said she was shy.  Then, because of my growing curiosity, asked them about her face… And they told me it was a birthmark and that she gets picked on about it a lot at school and other places. 

After their ride I walked them back over to their grandparents car and I said to the little girl,  ‘How come you didn’t want to go for a ride?’ She said, …well the boys always say that that kind of stuff is just for boys not for girls…’I laughed and said, ‘You know, there are girl farmers AND I even had a young girl in that cab just yesterday. Would you like a ride?’ She looked at her Grandma and she said go ahead if you want. 

I then asked the grandmother if she had a smartphone and knew how to video… She laughed and said,  ‘I have grandchildren! Of course I know how to video…’ So I told her to have her phone ready and when she sees me turn on the yellow flashing lights to start videoing the combine. 

The little girl and I got in the cab and I turned the machine around and went back into the field at the end of it and came back facing her grandparents vehicle. I then said to her  ‘…here.. you can turn the steering wheel…’ She first looked at me like I was on crack cocaine… But I finally convinced her and I told her that not everybody gets to do this, but people that are part of the special face Club definitely get to…  ‘But its a secret reason why you get to drive so you cant tell anyone.’ 

We even pinky swore on it. 

The smile she had made this old tired grumpy mans heart soft and there must have been some Bean dust in the cab because my allergies started acting up just a little bit… So I let her “steer” and turned on the yellow lights on the way back so her Grandma could video tape her “driving by”. 

We got out of the combine and she still had a huge smile on her face and ran over to her grandma and was a little Chatterbox  – ‘Did you see me?  Did you see me? I got to drive!! I got to drive!!’ 

Her brothers were obviously a little miffed… And ask her why she got to drive… I was afraid she was going to tell them why… But with all the sass of a little brunette girl with her hair in a pony she looked at them both matter-of-factly and said, ‘Because girls CAN farm!’ 

My allergies started acting up a little bit again as she came back running over to me and gave me a huge hug and told me thank you… The grandfather came over and patted me on the shoulder shook my hand said,  ‘I don’t know what you said to her…but that’s the biggest smile we’ve seen on her this vacation so far!’ The boys shook my hand and thanked me and got back into the vehicle and drove away… Leaving me to my thoughts. And all I could think of was if one of the combines hadnt broke down yesterday, I wouldn’t have been in that field this morning, and I wouldnt have been by myself and we would have been really pushed wherever we were at to keep up with everything…and it proved to me once again everything happens for a reason… 

All three of their faces were on my mind the rest of the day but mostly hers… not because of her birthmark, because of her genuine smile in the confidence that she showed when she got to get out of that combine and “brag” a little to the boys. 

My gramps told me long ago to always be patient with children and people you come in contact with. I remember the countless times that he would let me “drive” the tractor… and the exhilaration and happiness that I felt during that time… And I swore that I was going to make other people feel that way when I got older… and I’ve definitely failed at that numerous times.. but I’m trying.. 

But, I’m kind of thinking maybe that’s what I did today, or maybe that little girl made me feel like that little boy with his Gramps all those years ago. 

30 minutes out of 24 hours… I need to do that more often…. 

Today was a good day… and one I shall not soon forget. 

Credit: Jeff Ditzenberger


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