The Rise Of Authoritarian Global Government: How the Endgame Plays Out As Of October 2023


The over and under for the beginning of World War Three and it’s implications. How it began and why. Police State formation and more.

After forcing France to receive muslim “refugees”, Macron now vows to deport all muslim immigrants from France. I guess time will tell.

My sense is that Macron will indeed follow through with deporting some Islamist Extremists from France, but not because he has all of a sudden had a epiphany that importing radical violent extremists into his country was a horrible idea. He and every other globalist head of state knew exactly what chaos would ensue when they welcomed radical Islamists and terrorists into their country. President Macron is simply doing the bidding of his globalist masters. We will touch on this later in the article.

Fixing problems they created.

How this works

In a similar vein, Liberals and leftists in Democrat led urban metro sanctuary cities encouraged mass illegal immigration by the millions at our southern border via “immigrant caravans”, now these same leaders are calling for expulsion of illegal migrants as well as and a stronger border policy.

The same American liberal and leftist political leaders that encouraged mass illegal immigration also encouraged the defunding of police departments knowing full well that violent crime would spike and are now calling for increased police department budgets and hiring of new police officers. These liberal leftist policy flip-flops are all by design. They know their memory-challenged-idiot-audience very well. Activists will push back a little bit, but the majority of these fools will accept anything their leaders tell the to accept without question. Ill-informed conservatives will rally behind them them as well. Don’t fall for it. It’s a trap. They are doing the bidding of their masters.

The bigger picture is coming into focus.

How globalist authoritarians plan to topple sovereign states.

As western nations are destabilized from within from mass migration and rampant unchecked crime, and externally by injecting themselves into unnecessary foreign wars we can begin to see why the negative ramifications of these horrible policies have been intentional all along.

At the moment, the major obstacles that stand between the globalist elitists from forming a global authoritarian government is China, Russia, and the Middle East. The U.S. should have been at the top of the list of those obstacles. The U.S. Constitution provides us with liberties that protect us from rogue government, but we have become a weak, out of touch society and were conquered with ease by a rogue government. This didn’t happen all of a sudden. America’s downfall has been a century in the making. Watch the Documentary “Endgame” below to get an idea of how globalists have played the long game.

WW3 is underway. How does Ukraine and the Middle East fit in?

  • Ukraine

The Ukraine/Russia war was the kicked off for WW3 with the sole purpose of regime change in Russia and leading to an avenue for the regime change of China and North Korea.

  • Middle East

Mass muslim “refugee” immigration and asylum policies were implemented over the past decade by globalist leaders of western nations with a particular outcome in mind. These elitist knew that this would create an untenable crime problem and intense hatred for and the Middle East, and more specifically, Islamic theocracies. WEF lead globalist heads of state can now swoop in and solve a problem that they themselves created and encourage a unified war effort to wipe out Islamic countries in the middle east. The recent false flag attack launched against Israel by Hamas is only the beginning. Mass pro-Hamas protests that are popping up all over Europe and North America. This will inevitably lead to terrorist attacked in these countries. Make no mistake, this is the intended consequence hoped for by globalists leaders so that it will galvanize support for a massive war effort in the Middle East. The kickoff for this war front is the recent Gaza attack on Israel. To argue that the events that inflamed this conflict are questionable is a gross understatement. I don’t believe for one second that there was an Israeli intelligence failure or that Hamas was able to mass breach the most technologically secure and well armed border in the world.

Where does the United States come into play?

Globalist are in control of EVERY American institution right now. The will milk us for every human resource and every natural resource available to make sure that our military might does their bidding to topple the remaining dominos mentioned above…and they will do it with the blessing of the American public. It will be just like post-911 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They will stroke and rally the public to gleefully fight for another round of phony wars that will inevitably be our demise, but not before 100s of Americans are sacrificed at the hands of the 10s of thousands of highly organized, military-age illegal immigrants and so-called asylum seekers that come from countries that hate Americans that have been streaming, unfettered, across the southern border for the past three years.

Rise of the Police State in the west, specifically the Unites States.

The recent “defund the police” movement was the tipping point of Police State formation in America (some level of authoritarian Police State has existed in most European for decades). Thousands of honest constitutional and experienced police officers have left the profession, were forced out, or retired from predominately Democrat controlled metro area police departments due to demoralization and disgust. This mass exodus created a void that will be filled with new officers that meet a specific authoritarian and militarized personality profile that will be further reinforced through training.

When you start seeing leftist activists being violently crushed by this newly formed Police State in the U.S. and Canada, don’t celebrate, start worrying. Leftist activists have been immune from police action, until now for good reason. They were utilized to destabilize society. Nothing more, nothing less. They were expendable pawns all long. Sadly, most are so thoroughly indoctrinated that they will never realize it. Their “useful idiot” indoctrinators in academia, activism, entertainment, and main stream media will be dealt a more severe fate. The term “useful idiots” was coined because the people that were selected by the KGB to be influencers suffer from self-importance. They think they will come to power with the new authoritarian regime. Nothing could be farther from he truth. They are actually a liability to the new regime. Soviet defector and former KGB officer, Yuri Bezmenov, explains this below.

If this sounds crazy, it’s because we are living in a insane and dangerous world at the moment. More than a century of authoritarian history is replete with examples of dozens of failed authoritarian nation states, which lead to the most genocidal century in recorded history, but most people were never exposed to it, or have chosen to ignore it when they were exposed to it.

I would say “Welcome to the brave new world”, but It’s not brave and the tactics to usher it in are not new.


Steve Williams

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