We, As A Nation, Are Being Played


Re-Published with permission from the author, Howard Roark
Originally published November 17, 2018 On Facebook

We the citizens of the United States of America have a common ground. Unfortunately, there are those out there that strive to destroy the common ground we stand on, that of, Freedom, Liberty, Rule of Law, and Human Rights. All sides need to be vigilant in resisting these forces that desire to destroy our shared common ground.

There is a hierarchy of needs for humans, to put it into very archaic terms, it starts very simply: water, food, clothes, shelter, fire, farming, etc. Each step advancing us further into civilization. The current basic needs of our citizens of the United States of America, and for that matter the rest of the world, are Freedom, Liberty, Rule of Law, and Human Rights. At this moment in time we need to set aside the issues that divide us and concentrate on our common ground. We need a setting aside of all the divisional issues like abortion, gender identity rights, global warming, etc. in order to deal with an Ideological War.

The Ideological War we are facing, is a war for our very own survival against a very invasive threat that is ever encroaching upon us in order to take away our very core believes, that of Freedom, Liberty, Rule of Law, and Human Rights. Whatever name you give it, Collectivism, Socialism, or Communism, there is one objective that they have in common, that of controlling you and taking away your independence and free choice aka (Freedom, Liberty, Rule of Law, and Human Rights). They want to be able to determine what is needed for the good of the State, not you. One extreme example, there are those wackos that believe there are too many people on this earth, and their solution is to get rid of man to protect the environment.

We as a nation need to wake up and stop being complacent about these threats to our way of life and freedom. All citizens of the United States of America, regardless of any party they identify with, need to wake up to this threat to our Freedom, Liberty, Rule of Law, and Human Rights.

For those that say this is an overreaction, consider that when you have politicians like Bernie Sanders, elected United States Representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the other socialists that have been elected to offices, that have advanced the cause of Socialism, we need to take these intrusions on our heritage of individualism and independence seriously. Politicians, while they are elected to represent us, are an extremely small percentage of the total population of the United States of America; this is only being mentioned in that they do not always have our vested interest in mind when they are elected. This is not to cast dispersions on all politicians, but all too often, there is the perception that these elected people, who accomplish nothing, use divisional issues while in office, as distractions, diverting attention from their non-action, or worse, from their own hidden agenda, which may be contrary to the promises made to their constituents in order to garner votes. Unfortunately, this also cuts both ways in that politicians have used promises of addressing divisional issues just to get elected in order to address their own agenda; sounds the same but there is a significant difference. It is when these divisional issues are promoted and used as bait to elect politicians, that once elected they actively promote Collectivism, Socialism, or Communism on the floors of the legislative bodies of the United States of America; this is when we are truly in danger of losing our Freedom, Liberty, and Rule of Law.

Philosophically speaking, this is not new, and we will always be faced with attempts to advance the cause of Collectivism, Socialism, or Communism. It seems to just be a fact of nature that there always will be those that are independent and those that are dependent. The Socialism experiments have failed in very devastating ways; if the measure of history is any indication of Socialism’s unacceptability, why is it even being advanced in our country? We need to be ever vigilant in protecting our Democratic Republic.

How did we get so far off the track if we the citizens share the common ground we stand on, that of, Freedom, Liberty, Rule of Law, and Human Rights? Outside influences have constantly eaten away at our core. The youth of our nation do not know our history, our educational systems are failing us, and some blatantly portray the United States of America as the problem in the world for which we need to be apologetic, as evidenced and reinforced by Obama’s apology tours through the world. Group think is subservient to the fad of the day without reason or independent thought. This can be seen in the propagandistic news medias that echo the same mantra, word for word, of the daily proscribed fad message of the day. How we recover from here is persistent truth to false ideologies; the re-establishing of our educational system’s respect for how our nation was established and what it stands for, our heritage of laws, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, that protects our Freedom, Liberty, Rule of Law, and Human Rights. We need to ensure that this history, our history, is taught and passed down to future generations.

As a qualification, there is no attempt here to detract from the importance of the debate on the issues of abortion, gender identity rights, global warming, etc. These types of divisional issues will be debated forever given that there are no right answers, only opinions. We should not let these divisional issues divide us from our core common ground values, especially when our house is burning. You do not sit in a house and argue over the type of table cloth that should go on the table while your house is burning down from its foundations to its roof. The people that would destroy our Democratic Republic use these divisional issues to further divide us, and they take advantage of these divisions to advance their own agendas. Just keep in mind, if a Collectivism, Socialism, or Communism type of government is in place, these issues will not be settled with debate, the State will decide what type of execution is needed to satisfy the needs of the State.

HR 11-15-2018

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