What Really Happened At The Travis Scott Concert At Astro World?


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The young people who attended the Travis concert were very affected by it. They’re calling in on podcasts — podcasts that I’ve never seen people their age participate in, or even go near, to be honest. When they call in on these podcasts, they sound scared out of their mind. They’re speaking very politely, and they’re asking what they can do. They sound so humbled. Every single one of them described the concert as demonic and said they felt like they were in hell and couldn’t breathe. The entire crowd was begging the show to stop at times.

They’re saying that the sound frequencies that were being played at the concert before the set started were causing people to go crazy and not be able to handle it, and they’re showing videos of that. That was two hours before the set even began.

One male attendee reports: “The frequency of the music made people have seizures and pass out. People were freaking out. Because out of nowhere, people were having seizures. Then people where trying to move forward to see the people passing out. Something inside me made me feel like I couldn’t breathe, and then I freaked out and ran out of there for my life. I was later told that something is in the ¥@×, and that a certain frequency triggers this.”

In one video on Tik Tok, taken by someone who was there, you can hear people begging for Travis to stop, begging for help, screaming and crying. People were standing on others, people were unconscious. There was nowhere for them to go. It was terrible, so frightening and sad.

When the young people who had attended the concert were calling in to all these podcasts, they all mentioned the symbolism. Things that they were unaware of previously have now became a focal point of their trauma experience, including Travis himself. They used the phrase “snatching souls” numerous times.

I have never in the history of wake-up events witnessed anything like this. These kids are not only traumatized, but there’s not a doubt in their minds about what they experienced. And there’s no way that you, celebrities, the media, or the police are going to tell them anything otherwise. As a result of all this, they now feel a responsibility to research. They’re kids. Some who were aspiring artists in music are leaving music or changing their names.

The whole thing is pretty heartbreaking. At the same time, they all seem to be literally running in the other direction and immediately changing themselves in various ways.

I’ve never seen any event have this affect on the people who were a part of it. Not even with 9/11 was there a push to immediately change one’s self and one’s soul and ask an entire different community of people what to do and where to start.

We all know the famous law of physics, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the case of this concert, if these kids manage to successfully affect their peers in the course of relaying what they experienced at the concert, then this event may just have such an equal and opposite reaction. They’re very clearly traumatized by what they endured, and it’s obvious that it’s way bigger than just, “Oh, Travis didn’t stop singing when a couple people went into cardiac arrest.”

These kids are the generation whose parents are at work when the child comes home from school (“latch key kids”), and whose parents bought them new expensive phones instead of taking them to church. They are alone in the world, with influences that are straight from Satan. This generation needs a huge wake up call, and it’s coming straight from God. This experience will change them forever. I applaud the kids who are speaking out about it on the internet. Being vocal about this is exactly what is needed.

God Bless us all!


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